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UX Design For The German Online Counceling Platform


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The new German online counselling service is one of the projects we are proud of. The Tetralab team adheres to the principle of creating only healthy and sustainable startups that benefit nature and people. We are very grateful for the privilege of being involved in the movement of our race towards a brighter future. We wish good luck and prosperity to the Prime Help project!


Our German client contacted us with a request to conduct extensive market research, highlight killer features for differentiation among competitors, and plan a phased launch of a startup to the market.


After studying the market, we've prepared the UX strategy, identified killer features to include in the first build of the product, and developed wireframes for the future site. Also, we offered the most common billing options and client service algorithms present on the market.


The main preparation stages are behind. All results have gone to the client-side development team in Germany. The customer received a well-planned and sensible image of a startup with a specific user path. We can't wait to launch the project!
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Finishing or reworking after another contractor is always a challenge. You never know where someone else's mistake might show up. Therefore, we approached the assessment of the scope of work with caution and worked closely with the previous team to get maximum information from them in the beginning. Effective communication helps to avoid many difficulties.


1. Do not include all possible features in the startup until you check the viability of the business idea.

2. The detailed specification protects against misunderstandings with the executing agency.

3. You need to bring your team to the meeting with the client.
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