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Website development and a digital campaign for the sea family resort

The Pearl Of Life

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A wonderful hotel right on the shores of the Azov Sea in Ukraine with magnificent views, cosy rooms and a huge hypoallergenic pool did not have a website at all. We had the opportunity to stay in this mansion and we fell in love with this place. Beautiful rich nature, numerous species of birds, flocks of dolphins swimming along the coast every day - we were fascinated and in love not only with these delights but also with the charming and incredibly hospitable hostess Anna. We are grateful for this opportunity to be helpful!


Build an online presence from scratch, including go-to-market strategy, web design & development, and launch a marketing campaign. Increase the occupancy of the hotel in the summer season, launch and integrate social networks.​


We made a deep analysis of the market and competitors. The work was carried out very quickly, as the season had already begun. The complexity of the project was caused by the fact that the whole country was immersed in quarantine. In such conditions, it was difficult to predict the result of our work, but our team is not used to stop halfway!


Despite the fact that the real estate market has mastodons like Booking and Airbnb, we managed to generate additional revenue of $ 3,500/month for the customer. However, after registering on booking.com, this amount doubled.
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The country's resorts have suffered greatly because of the restrictive quarantine measures. People were afraid to go somewhere on vacation since the regions were closing one by one each week. It was complicated to predict such non-standard disturbances in society, so this fact became the most important challenge in the project.


1. First of all, use the experience of world practices and only after that try to excel.

2. People love to book and shop right here and now. No calls or emails - everything should be accessible on the website.
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