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Website Development And Lead Generation For The German Car Loan Service


Excellent cooperation in launching the German car loan startup. Our task was to run the site in three languages ​​and test the advertising campaign. The test results are impressive. Partners are satisfied with the conversion, we are satisfied with the case and experience. Plus one transparent and useful service in the world!

Setup online operations - in an MVP format & generate the first 50 leads.
The discovery phase involved competitive analysis, brand strategy and MVP prototyping. The setup phase involved designing & developing the landing pages, preparing ad campaigns and setting up tracking. The activation phase included campaign launch, A/B testing, readjustments and reporting to the client.
Discovery & Setup phases took 3 weeks. During the activation phase, which took 2 weeks, we were able to generate 74 leads. The launch took place in 3 major cities in Germany and the cost per lead averaged at €9. Perceiving the numbers as positive, the owner ordered full-stack platform development.
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We entered the game with well established large players. In such conditions, it is hard to gain your market share, but there is always a chance! The best way is to define the qualitative features that separate your offer from competitors to deliver a more convenient or favourable decision. It is the crucial moment of your startup - studying the market and differentiating your product.


1. Always add privacy policy and legal documents to your resource.

2. It is hard to invent a unique proposal without studying what already exists.

3. Only you decide what your product will be, but remember for whom you made it.
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