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The most important value that we can pass on to our children.

TetraLab Digest
Since we are 100% reliable for the future world we pass on to our children, it is our duty to make it full of love, light and consciousness.

Your life gets a physical body when you dedicate it to something. Even if you do nothing - you eat some food and your body produces something of it, so in any case you do not disappear with any result. In the end, each of us faces the results of our life.

We at TetraLab are highly concerned about what future we pass on to our children. That is why we do not take projects that are harmful to our nature or people. This is our culture, our conscious choice. Everybody has got this choice.

Don't say you have any money to feed your children, that is why you work for that plant that is harming our planet. There is a big variety of other choices, just open your eyes and heart.