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Russian Attack on Ukraine

TetraLab Digest
TetraLab is an international team, but our roots and heart lie in Ukraine.

Many Russians support the intervention of their troops in sovereign countries to deliver a "preemptive blow" to the "Nazis" that do not exist there, considering themselves as the Only Right Nation, and everyone else as enemies. Very similar to the message of Nazi Germany during WW2.

You can no longer ignore the power of information. We see that by capturing its sources, it is possible to force an entire country to believe in heresy, bring death to other nations without even asking "Why?", being led by false fears.

The TetraLab team decisively enters the information war against the violence and occupation of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

We are ready to support any project aimed at stopping slavery. Physical and mental.

Not with the deepfakes, but with honest words and good intentions. Not to destroy, but to help open eyes and show the facts, help not to be dependent on one opinion.

Send us your ideas, cases, add us to your team, share this information. We are sure that there are many bright ideas out there that need our help in implementation.

Now is the best time for people to unite in love.
God = Love = Life!
Glory to Ukraine!
Слава Україні!