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Fast, good, and cheap.

TetraLab Digest
Fast, good, and cheap. Are they happen to meet together only in fairytales?🤔

Let's take a look at what is inside the project's kitchen:

📌we dive into your business, research the market, analyze top competitors.

Whether you are big or small, sell products or provide services, there are sometimes a lot of nuances. To be a good partner we need to be on one page with you and your strategy and work with real data.👌

📌Based on research, we build an architecture of the site and represent your wireframes.

After they are approved, we start designing. At this stage, the project may require additional resources: buying photos, videos, hiring a photographer, or a production studio.

📌After you approve the design, we start developing: a little bit of magic and coding (of course, sleepless nights with litres of coffee from our loved @mycoffeefactory) - and your new online business is ready to kick-start!

A team that is working on each project for at least 2 months consists of at least 5 people: project manager, UX - strategist, designers, marketer, and developers' team.

After taking a look at the whole process, we can see that it is almost impossible to count the exact quote of the project ahead.

But we would say that it is possible to make fast, inexpensive, and high-quality products only if everybody involved:

📍has a strong faith in the projects' success
📍makes good money from it
📍believes he acts in the name of humanity