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Jimmi Says

Case Studies
That case when a client becomes a partner and friend! The Australian eco-garments brand has taken up the challenge of creating an online store. We started our work with the UX strategy, as it was necessary to define our role on the market and how to attract and retain our target audience. Now the project is in progress, we are preparing for production and are already eager to share the result of this incredibly wonderful project with you!

Develop a go-to-market strategy for the brand, launch an online store, and a multichannel advertising campaign.

The client's brand strategy was almost ready. We've added the communication strategy and positioning to meet the needs of an established competitive market. By examining these needs, it was easier for us to identify the vital attributes of brand identity, tone of voice, and marketing strategy.

We've already delivered the complete online store. The first collection of clothes is ready. All integrations for MVP are connected. We are on the stage of the ads test.

Nothing could go wrong with this, at first glance, standard project. But Covid19 has dashed our hopes for a quick launch, while the factory is too far in Indonesia. So we lost a lot of time while completing the collection. Even in a clear field, you always might stumble over a hiding stone. Although we had enough time to become real friends with the founder. Thank you!

1. We all have to protect our Mother Nature. No exceptions.
2. Even in the Red Ocean, a startup can take market share by offering unique value.
3. You can't always influence events around you, but you can always choose your reaction.